Capital City Marathon


I acknowledge that any payments not honoured by my bank will render me liable for any costs incurred as well as disqualifying me from participation. I’m medically fit to run and fully understand that I now enter at my own risk and indemnify race sponsors and organisers against any claim which may arise from my participation.

Enter Online
For your convenience you can enter online via Webtickets from October 2023.

Manual Entries
Manual entries can be done in person at any Pick n Pay store.

Please Note
An 8% admin fee of R17.50 will be included on the entry fee per Athlete which is payable on the website: using the provincial drop down menu.

Registration is on Friday, 23rd and Saturday, 24th February 2024.


Early Bird Entries
Early Bird entries close 18th February 2024.
Early Bird entries receive a free t-shirt at registration. Unfortunately, late entries will not receive a free t-shirt.

NOTE: Entrants for the 5km do not qualify for a free t-shirt. Race t-shirts can be purchased at registration for an additional fee.

Medals will be awarded to all entries.

Athletes with their own private vehicles must please park them at the designated parking areas at the finish venue and walk to the start venue.

Race held in accordance with WA, ASA and KZNA rules. 

  • The licence number may be covered with the competition issued number. Both provincial licenses MUST be worn on the upper part of the vest /crop top (front and back).
  • Please bring proof of payment when collecting race number.
  • Post hydration provided. 
  • Tog bag facilities will be provided – use of them is at participant’s own risk (race officials/ organisers are not liable for loss of personal belongings)
  • All participants must wear ASA-approved licences and relevant age category tags on the upper part of vest/crop top (front and back) to qualify for prizes. 
  • All relevant age categories must be clearly visible. 
  • No refunds. 
  • Late entries will not get a t-shirt.
  • No pacing permitted. 
  • Club kit to be worn.
  • Participants must obey marshals, traffic officials and race officials.
  • All foreign/international athletes must comply with WA Competition Rule 1.7 and ASA Rule 9 
  • All international athletes to buy and wear temporary licences at the back of their race shirts and race number on the front. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification
  • International athletes not representing a local club must wear neutral colours i.e. (white/black/grey)
  • Temporary licensed athletes are not covered by a national insurance policy, ASA Rule 25.6.15.  Unregistered athletes running with temporary licenses must run in neutral colours and adhere to WA and ASA advertising rules.  Holders of temporary licences will be eligible for individual prizes and may claim age category prizes in keeping with WA and ASA Rule 25.6.13.

  • 5km participants must be from 9 years of age.
    10km participants must be from 14 years of age.
    21.1 km participants must be from 16 years of age.
    42.2km participants must be from 20 years of age. 

  • Please note: only athletes who are of age 19 years and younger on the 31st December 2024 are eligible for a junior prize. 
  • Proof of ID required for prize giving.
  • All prize winners must be present at the prize giving ceremony. Failure to attend prize giving ceremony will result in forfeiture of prize money.
  • The coach of the winning athlete must be a qualified coach and have a current affiliation with KZNA to qualify for a prize if their athlete wins the marathon.

Cut Off Time

Marathon participants who have not passed the half marathon turn in by 3 hours 15 minutes (9:15) will not be allowed to continue but may complete the half marathon until the 4 hours time limit. 

Participants who have not completed 21.1 km by the 4 hours will be called off the road. 

  • 10km – 10:00am (3 hours) 
  • 21,1km – 08:30am (3:30 hours) 
  • 42,2km – 11:00am (6 hours) 


  • 24km mark by 4 hours (9am) 
  • 27km mark by 4 hours 30 minutes (9:30am) 
  • 31km mark by 5 hours (10am) 
  • 36km mark by 5 hours 30 minutes (10:30am) 
  • 42,2 km mark by 6 hours (11am)

Capital City Marathon is a Qualifier Race for the 56km Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and the 90km Comrades Marathon.

Two Oceans 56km – Ultra Marathon

All standard IAAF (ASA in South Africa) affiliated marathons, and/or races longer than 42.2 km count as qualifying races, provided that:

  • the race course is officially measured, and
  • the race is officially timed

Two Oceans Half Marathon

Your qualifying times are used to seed you – this means faster runners in the front and slower runners at the back. If you do not supply a seeding time, you will start at the back. Seeding is based on a previous 10km, 15km or 21.1km

Comrades Marathon 90km

In order to qualify to run the Comrades Marathon, you need to run a standard marathon (42,2km) in a time of less than 4:50.
Your qualifying race must be ASA technically compliant, as well as meet the Comrades Marathon qualifying criteria.

Category Prizes

42.2km (Men & Women)

21.1km (Men & Women)

10km (Men & Women)

5km (Men & Women)

Sponsors & Partners