1. All marathon & half marathon entrants must collect their race number & timing chip from the registration venue between 10am & 6pm on Friday 20 or Saturday 22 February between 9am & 5pm, or before the start on Sunday 24 February between 4am & 4.30am.
  2. All 10km entrants who have pre-entered may collect their entries at the same times or between 6am & 6:30am on Sunday, prior to the start of the race.
  3. Only 500 manual entries will be allowed (combined total for all the races).
  4. No queries will be attended to on race day after 4:30am.
  5. Participants who have not completed 21.1km by the 4hrs will be called off the road.  
  6. Marathon participants who have not passed the half marathon turn in by 3hours minutes (8.00am) will not be allowed to continue but may complete the half marathon until the 4 hours’ time limit.
  7. Marathon participants who have not passed......
  1. 24km mark by 4 hours (9am)
  2. 27 km mark by 4 hours & 30 minutes (9:30am)
  3. 31km mark by 5 hours (10am)
  4. 34 km mark by 5 hours and 30 minutes (10.30am)
  5. 36 km mark by 6 hours (11am)  

     …will be called off and must leave the road & will be transported to the finish venue.  10km participants who have not passed 5 km mark by 1 hour & 30 minutes (11am) will be called off and must leave the road & will be transported to the finish venue.

  1. ASA Licensed athletes are covered by limited ASA insurance. Refer to KZNA on 0313129374 for further details.
  2. All foreign athletes must comply with the IAAF rule 4, paragraph 2 & rule 142. The relative clearance letters, for potential prize winners, must be submitted with entry or at registration at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.
  3. All marshals, security officers, race officials, SA Police & SANDF members & traffic officials MUST BE OBEYED. Your safety is paramount to us.
  4. All entrants will receive a free commemorative race T-shirt at registration. All marathon runners will receive a Puma branded t-shirt. All other distances can buy a Puma t-shirt (on pre-order with race entry).
  5. Entries are secured by payment in full. If the limits have been reached and your payment has not been confirmed, your entry may be cancelled. Entries for which payment has not been received, in full, and cleared by 18H00 (6pm) on 2nd February 2020 may be cancelled (limited to the 500 manual entrants).
  6. Each entrant in the road 42,2km, 21,1km and 10km races is reminded that they MUST wear BOTH their ASA licence numbers (front and back) and the race number(s) issued MUST BE WORN OVER the bottom part of the ASA number, leaving the provincial and sponsor’s logos exposed.
  7. If a paper temporary licence is bought and issued, it must be worn on the front of the vest and the race number pinned on to leave the logos exposed, as in 33, above. The second race number is pinned on the back of the vest. If you have purchased a temporary licence with entry, before the closing dates, the word TEMP will feature on your race numbers and you will not be required to wear an additional paper number.


Universal Road Races Rules & Instructions. All participantsmust be 16 years or older on the day of the race for the half marathon & 20 years or older on the day of the race for the marathon. For the 10km the minimum age is 14 years on the day of the race.

The half marathon covers a comfortable single lap course. The marathon will share the first part of the race with the half marathon. The 10km starts and finish at the athletics stadium. Neither postal orders nor post-dated cheques will be accepted.

Monies are not refundable for non-participation in the event for whatever reason. Entries may not be exchanged but we will allow substitutions (for the marathon only) made via the official channels. Substitutions may only be made between 28th January 2020 and 7th February 2020. Both parties must agree, in writing, to the substitution.

There will be an administration fee of R200 per substitution. Substituted race numbers may be generic and may not display any of the runner’s personal information. Substitutions must be made via the Race Office only.


Sihle Shange



10km, 21km, 42km

Starting at the City hall and finishes

at the athletics stadium.

5am START for the 21km as well as the 42.2km.

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